Have you ever read online or had a friend tell you about how their computer stopped responding, an error screen popped up, or even maybe that there computer was compromised. If so then you have heard about some of the horror stories associated with computer viruses and the damage they can do. However there is hope though it is called an Anti-virus. These programs were designed to help keep our computers safe from attacks. Think of it this way your computer gets a cold (virus) and you give it cold medicine (the anti-virus).

There are a variety of Anti-viruses out there, some are extremely expensive and huge monstrous programs while others are free and not really that large. One free anti-virus is AVG Free Edition from GRISOFT. There are versions of the programs that cost, however for most home computers the free version will work fine. Another fact about some anti-viruses is that not all come with spy ware and Trojan protection; make sure to see what yours has and what you might need.

When it comes to any program a little bit of common sense is recommended. First you need to know what operating system you are running, and how many Megabytes your computer has in it. When you know these things then you can see if your PC meets their requirements for installation. If not I do not recommend running the software, for the simple fact if it is to big to run while your computers operating system and few other programs like the internet is running then I just don’t recommend doing it. However if your computer meets the requirements then by all means go for it.

Any one who wants to get their moneys worth out of their PC will have a good anti-virus installed.